Office of the Coordinator-General

The Office of the Coordinator-General has been established by the Government to promote and attract investment into Tasmania, to facilitate major projects and to reduce red tape. The Office of the Coordinator-General is also tasked to manage Unsolicited Bids. 

Below you will find some more detail on these four main areas managed by the Office of the Coordinator-General:

Major project facilitation

  • Case management for major projects that will make a significant contribution to Tasmania's economic growth.

Investment attraction and promotion

  • Identifying investment opportunities that can be promoted to potential investors via a variety of mechanisms including the Directory of Tasmanian Investment Opportunities.
  • Investor targeting and engagement nationally and internationally.
  • Trade and investment missions.
  • Hosting inward delegations.
  • Promoting Tasmania as an attractive destination for investment.

Red tape reduction

  • The Tasmanian Government has committed to cutting red tape across the state through the establishment of a Red Tape Reduction Coordinator.
  • The Red Tape Reduction Coordinator will help remove or amend regulation that is unnecessary, duplicative or heavy handed thereby improving the Tasmanian business environment, boosting productivity, and reducing operating costs.
  • A program is being developed that cuts red tape and creates a regulatory environment that supports business while ensuring that community interests are properly protected.

Unsolicited proposals

  • An Unsolicited Proposal is a unique or innovative proposal initiated by the private sector and put to Government. Such proposals may present clear value and benefits for the state but the Government currently has no way to assess or assist with these proposals.