Investment attraction and promotion

The Office of the Coordinator-General is the Tasmanian Government's 'one-stop-shop' for major or strategic investments.

The investment attraction strategy takes an active approach to the identification, promotion, attraction, facilitation and aftercare of investments that best leverage Tasmania's advantages and resource endowments.

The Office of the Coordinator-General's activities include targeting potential investors; identifying particular investment opportunities and communicating these; and general promotion of Tasmania as an attractive investment location.

The investment attraction strategy targets first time domestic and international investors in the state and also leverages existing investors given that a large majority of investment in expansion or new and diversified activities is undertaken by existing investors.

A number of key industries have been identified – including food and agribusiness, in particular the dairy, fruit and wine sub-sectors; mining and mineral processing; forestry and related products; digital industries and contact centres; and tourism infrastructure.

The strategy for attracting investment includes:

  • direct identification and contact with targeted potential investors, including investment missions interstate and abroad.
  • an investor development program
  • delivering our promotional messages through partners including Austrade offices in key markets
  • representation at key seminars and investment events, such as exhibiting at the China Mining Congress in Tianjin, China
  • Ministerial Roundtables
  • inward visit programs for key investors and investment influencers.