The following principles will form the Assessment Criteria for all applications.

  1. Proposed developments should be compatible with and sensitive to the cultural and natural values, strategic value, character and setting, and enhance broader visitor enjoyment of the state’s reserve estate and Crown lands.
  2. Proposed developments should offer unique, innovative and enhanced visitor experiences that provide social, environmental and economic benefit.
  3. Proposed developments offering environmental, cultural, indigenous or heritage based tourism experiences that involve or benefit local communities (including Tasmanian Aboriginal communities) should be encouraged.
  4. Proposed developments should be established and managed in an ecologically sustainable manner, and should be designed to minimise the footprint on the site.
  5. Proposed developments should be compatible with the statutory management objectives and purpose of the reserves in the relevant legislation. (However, a participant is not excluded from lodging an EOI submission for a proposed development that may not be fully compatible with the current statutory and regulatory framework, for consideration and assessment by the Minister).
  6. Proposed developments should take account of associated risks relating to natural events for the proposed settings, for example, bushfires or flooding.
  7. Proponents can demonstrate the qualifications and financial capability to establish and operate the proposed development in a commercially viable manner.