The Office of the Coordinator-General is responsible for managing the Expression of Interest process and coordinating relevant internal and external advice  in preparation for assessment by the Assessment Panel.  The Assessment Panel will make recommendations via the Coordinator-General to the Minister for State Growth. The Minister will consider the Assessment Panel's recommendations and make all final decisions.


  1. EOI Submissions will be evaluated by an Assessment Panel against the following Assessment Criteria and in line with the guiding principles:
    • the appropriateness of the proposed development to a particular site
    • the qualifications of the participant to establish and operate the proposed development
    • the commercial and financial viability of the proposed development.

    The Assessment Panel and the Minister may seek further information from the applicant and other relevant sources, including regulatory authorities, as required.  Projects that require built infrastructure will need a higher level of financial and market information to demonstrate the financial and economic viability of such proposals.

    If there are competing applicants for a particular activity or type of proposal at a site that all meet the eligibility criteria to a similar level, then a competitive process may be run to determine the most suitable and economically viable proposal(s) for the site.

  2. Recommendations are made to the Minister.
  3. The Minister considers recommendations and makes a determination.
  4. Successful EOI proposals may be invited to progress to contract negotiations for lease and/or licence arrangements.


Financials are requested for those who seek a licence for an activity or the development of minimal infrastructure (such as a mooring, or use of existing Parks and Wildlife infrastructure. For example, toilets, and day use shelters).

Proposals that require built infrastructure, for example, buildings for accommodation, shelters, toilets and cafes or could include jetties, caravan parks, lodges and the like, may require a more detailed level of financial information in their submission.


Following successful progress through the EOI Assessment process, proponents may be invited by the Minister to commence contract negotiations for lease and licence arrangements and progression of relevant statutory approvals as required under Australian or Tasmanian Government legislation.


The EOI process is intended to provide flexibility, subject to legislative and probity requirements, for the Minister to negotiate with applicants to achieve suitable outcomes. This may include assisting each applicant to find a suitable alternative site, merging independent EOI submissions or identifying opportunities for applicants to work together where mutually compatible developments are proposed for a site.

The Tasmanian Government will ensure the process is impartial, accountable, yet confidential. See the Probity Guidelines downloadable from eTender for further information.