The Tasmanian forestry sector is an integrated industry that encompasses both native forest and plantation resources.  Tasmania's forests are sustainably managed.  The managed production forests yield some of the strongest commercially usable timbers available.

Tasmania's sustainable forest sector produces high quality hardwood products including beautiful timbers which are held in high regard by architects, craftspeople and artists.

The production of logs, woodchips, pulp and paper, veneer and other wood products is a key part of our economy and Tasmania is the only state in Australia that is a net exporter of forestry products.

Harvesting from Tasmania's plantation estate will significantly increase over the next decade providing greater opportunities for the processing of plantation timber.  Opportunities also exist for engineered wood products manufacturing and bioenergy along with the potential for particle board production.

The sector operates under well-established environmental standards and native forest resource is only harvested outside of the extensive reserves systems, designed to maintain environmental values.

Potential investment opportunities in this sector include:

  • increasing veneer production from Tasmania's forests through the development of additional rotary veneer mills
  • the production of high-value building resources such as laminated veneer lumber and cross laminated timbers
  • the development of a biofuels and bioenergy sector utilising forest waste, including the production of torrefied wood, wood pellets, cellulosic ethanol and biodiesel
  • increasing the level of wood fibre processing, for example pulp production or rayon manufacturing.

Tasmania offers

  • Innovation
    The majority of forestry-related businesses invest in advanced machinery, equipment, software, research and development.
  • Regulated industry
    Tasmania's conservation system surpasses international benchmarks.
  • Renewable energy resources
    Tasmania has an enviable sustainable renewable energy base.
  • Resource security
    Government policy for the management and use of Tasmania's forests providing resource security to the industry while protecting sensitive areas.
  • Sustainability
    Sustainable forest management practices are the norm.

To find out more go to:

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