International education

In recognition of the significant cultural, social and economic benefits of attracting students to our state, the Tasmanian Government is committed to providing opportunities for international students to study in Tasmania. International education is the fourth largest export earner for the state.  The Tasmanian education system offers a wide range of study options for overseas students with 16 registered providers. Students can enrol in schools, vocational colleges or the University of Tasmania in a number of Tasmania’s modern, vibrant cities.

The University of Tasmania (UTAS) is the sole provider of university tertiary education and captures over 69 per cent of total international enrolments for the state.  UTAS is also ranked number 52 out of 605 global institutions in terms of the percentage of international students within the student body.

In addition to the university, there are a number of providers in the schools, VET and ELICOS sectors including:

  • Government Schools, Independent Schools and Catholic Schools: Year 1 to Year 12
  • Vocational Education: Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses through TasTAFE or private VET providers
  • English Language Courses: Available from pre-intermediate to advanced level, for short or long-term study through TasTAFE, the University of Tasmania, and private providers.

Since 2005, China has been the most important market for international education in Tasmania.  Malaysia, India, Singapore and Vietnam make up the top five source countries for international education in Tasmania.

Students can study English at all levels.  English language is provided as part of the school curriculum for children, and at VET and university level there are English language courses for course entry and further study.  Smooth pathways to UTAS have been arranged with opportunities for direct entry and credit towards undergraduate degrees.

Tasmania offers:

  • educational excellence - talented and highly qualified specialist teachers
  • industry and world recognised research hubs providing access to real life work and research experience for students
  • excellent results for international students - international students score consistently high marks at all levels of study.  Tasmania also has one of the highest completion rates for international students
  • good graduate outcomes - international graduates from Tasmanian educational institutions are highly successful in attaining good quality jobs on completion of their study
  • affordability - competitive fees, living expenses and transport costs in compact city environments
  • top quality support services and easy and informal access to teachers and lecturers as required - a smaller student community means more time for each individual
  • a clean, healthy and safe environment.

For more information about studying in Tasmania please visit www.studytasmania.tas.gov.au