Seeking investment?

The Office of the Coordinator-General provides an opportunity for businesses and project proponents who are seeking to attract investment to meet potential, national and international investors. The businesses and project proponents, upon meeting certain criteria, are officially recognised on our list of Tasmanian Investment Opportunities.

Office of the Coordinator-General collateral is developed and utilised at investment opportunities, such as special trade events, within the Office's networks and on the web. Introductions may be facilitated with potential investors. Once introduced, the responsibly is on proponents and interested parties to undertake discussions and, if relevant, negotiations and all due-diligence.

The Tasmanian Government is particularly keen to assist industries that can create jobs for the next generation of Tasmanians and use our natural advantages to be globally competitive.

The proponent's business opportunity principally needs to:

Submitting an investment opportunity is free of charge, and all accepted opportunities are translated into Chinese and Japanese. Once a proponent has completed their online submission a representative will be in contact to discuss the proposal and to seek further information where necessary. Opportunities that meet the criteria will be promoted to national and international investors as appropriate.

For further information please contact us.