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Seeking third party investment

Please note that the Tasmanian Government facilitates introductions between proponents of opportunities and potential 3rd party investors. The Tasmanian Government does not endorse any investment and nor will it be making any investment itself.

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Summary of investment opportunity

(the activity to be undertaken, the location, and anticipated revenue to be generated)
(the activity to be undertaken, the location, and anticipated revenue to be generated)

Amount of investment sought

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Industry sector

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Current development

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Key information to be provided

A comprehensive business plan is required and other additional information on a case by case basis to proceed to stage 2.  Please upload any relevant documentation and be prepared that additional documents may be requested.  There will be further opportunity to provide information once you have complete this form.  Note that the business.gov.au web site is an excellent resource and may assist with the required information.

1. Business Plan Incorporating:
  • - Existing and/or proposed corporate structure
  • - Personnel, management experience
  • - Cash Flow Projections
  • - Balance Sheet Projections
  • - Market analysis
  • - Risk management Plan
2. A list of licences, permits and approvals required and already obtained
3. Supply and offtake requirements or agreements

Location in Tasmania

Please provide details of the proposed location, identifying individual properties or lots etc

Estimated total investment

Please specify the total expected size of the investment including any contingency that is being assumed

For example, the total investment is estimated at AUS$20m including a 5% contingency above estimated costs.

Funding already committed to this investment

List all sources of finance that have already been committed to the project/opportunity. Distinguish between different sources of equity and debt
Include detail of the term and repayment/s on debt that has already been committed
If non-cash assets such as land or equipment have been committed then include details of their estimated value

Type of Investment available for which funding is being sought

Select from the following:

Other (if applicable)

Ideally suited to

Describe the characteristics of the type of investor you are targeting

For example:

- What experience you expect them to have?

- What expertise you would like them to bring to the project/opportunity?

- What sort of risk appetite they need to have?

- How patient they need to be before they expect to receive any benefits from the investment?

Other relevant information for investors

List any information available to potential investors not already provided above

For example:

- Past audited financial statements

- Reports from independent evaluators

- Architectural or technical drawings

- Scientific papers

- Media coverage

- Any documentation that may assist potential investors to determine whether the opportunity may be successful


By completing this Investment Opportunity Submission Form and selecting the 'I consent' checkbox below you, on behalf of your organisation, consent to the Tasmanian Government publishing some or all of the information provided in the Investment Opportunity Submission Form in its investment attraction publications.


In completing the Investment Opportunity Submission Form and sharing the completed descriptions of individual investment opportunities, the Tasmanian Government is providing a mechanism to describe and distribute different Tasmanian investment opportunities.

The Tasmanian Government will not make any representations about your investment opportunity other than publishing the agreed completed description online, and in selected investment related materials. The Tasmanian Government requires that you supply information to support your submission, but it will not supply any of this information to interested parties. It will facilitate introductions but it is your and the other party's responsibility to supply/request information, negotiate, conduct due diligence and implement any arrangements.

The Tasmanian Government does not endorse any opportunity and it specifically disclaims any responsibility for the quality, accuracy, and reliability of the information, or the outcomes for the investor(s), proponent or any other party.


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