Why Tasmania?

There has never been a better time to invest in Tasmania.

We are open for business and we are ready to support investors with projects that create jobs and grow our economy.

The Tasmanian Government is committed to building on the state’s competitive strengths including agriculture, aquaculture, mining, forestry, tourism and energy.

Tasmania’s assets in these sectors are abundant, providing opportunities to invest in either new developments or in existing and approved projects.

We are making it easier for investors to choose Tasmania by reforming our planning system, cutting red and green tape, and funding key infrastructure projects.

By investing in Tasmania you are embracing a worldwide reputation for quality. Investors benefit from a number of local attributes including:

  • a thriving tourism sector based around our natural and heritage assets                                            
  • a plan to transform Tasmanian agriculture based on our reliable water resources and large-scale irrigation expansion                                            
  • our international reputation for producing safe, high-quality food that is increasingly in demand from consumers                                            
  • strong biosecurity and relative freedom from agricultural pests and diseases                                            
  • a rich mining history in one of the most highly and diversely mineralised places on the planet                                            
  • an electricity supply with the majority of power coming from renewable sources, providing electricity users with market advantages in a world increasingly focused on sustainability                                            
  • internationally recognised attributes of quality and sustainability                                            
  • a thriving science and research sector, and attractiveness as a test-bed location                                            
  • our unmatched position as a key strategic Antarctic gateway and critical hub for Antarctic logistics, science and research                                            
  • our liveability is a drawcard for people who want to live, work, study and visit here                                            
  • support from the Tasmanian Government’s investment facilitation unit, the Office of the Coordinator-General, which can help investors identify opportunities, assist with site selection and infrastructure needs, and to navigate approval processes.                                            

These are just some of the ways your businesses could benefit from being located in Tasmania, one of the best places in the world to pursue your business and investment goals.    

Now is the time to choose Tasmania as a place to invest, with government and local industry support and expertise ready to help.