Research and development focused community

Tasmanian companies invest heavily into research and development and our innovators regularly receive national and international acclaim. 

We are an island of innovation, demonstrated by our ideas, energy, resourcefulness and tenacity.  Tasmanian businesses collaborate extensively both globally and locally with knowledge institutions, industry leaders and policy makers.

Tasmania is home to a range of leading-edge research and learning organisations. The University of Tasmania is one of Australia's top 10 research universities. Tasmania's research bodies make a significant contribution to the local economy and the industries that they support, through research, development and scientific advice.

Tasmania offers extensive research capabilities for your business with industry, government and the university having formed many different partnerships and innovation clusters including:

Many innovations have developed into whole industries, including essential oil refinement, aquaculture, lightning protection, fast ferries and life raft systems.

Further supporting our research and development focus is Tasmania's geographic, demographic and economic diversity along with our size, resulting in an ideal test bed location.  Providing a robust, representative and easily accessible sample population, Tasmania is often sought out to test and adapt products for a western market.