Science research

Tasmania is home to a vibrant and diverse science and research community.

The state's natural advantage of proximity to Antarctica and the Southern Ocean, geographical isolation, abundant water and wind resources and a stable population have resulted in expertise and capabilities in a number of scientific areas.

These include research on temperate marine systems, the Antarctic, agriculture, aquaculture, renewable energy and population genetics.  A critical mass of renowned researches in all these field has been built up, predominantly in Hobart.

The three main employers in the science research sector in Tasmania are:

Tasmania's research sector is recognised as world-leading in a number of disciplines, with the recent Excellence in Research Australia (ERA) ratings showing that UTAS meets or exceeds world standards in 71 per cent of disciplines, including horticulture, analytical chemistry, and oceanography.

The Menzies Research Institute and the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies are also carrying out world-class research.  These institutes have both received large infrastructure investments in recent years and have continued to grow in size and reputation since their establishment.

Tasmanian science research provides tangible benefits for many Tasmanian-based industries.  These include aquaculture, agriculture, forestry, mining and biomedicine, as well as various service based initiatives.  Hobart's Antarctic, Southern Ocean and marine science education and research community is internationally respected.  The 700-plus members of this community constitute the majority of Australia's scientists who specialise in these fields.

The science research industry is rapidly growing and the major research and industry sectors include:

  • Agriculture, aquaculture and fisheries
  • Antarctic, Southern Ocean and climate change
  • Forestry, mining and resources
  • Medical and human health 

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