Modern infrastructure

Highly functional infrastructure is a key driver to Tasmania's economic competitiveness. A program of continual investment in world-class infrastructure to support industry growth is a key government focus.

Tasmania offers infrastructure that will support your business growth and guarantee the smooth operation of your business. We provide:

  • highly developed transport systems
  • secure energy supply with our Basslink connection and natural gas pipeline to the Australian Energy Market
  • large-scale irrigation projects and urban water and sewerage investments
  • designated industrial areas located across Tasmania.

The Bell Bay industrial zone is Tasmania's largest heavy-industrial area spanning approximately 25 square kilometres, approximately 10 square miles or 2 500 hectares.

We have many sites that have been identified as having the capability of supporting new industrial or technology based developments, based on:

  1. Proximity to resources
  2. Accessibility to major energy sources and services
  3. Proximity to efficient transport infrastructure to enable the distribution and receipt of products in a timely and cost effective manner
  4. Proximity to skilled labour, components, suppliers and related activities.

Examples of these sites are: