Renewable energy base

Tasmania is Australia’s leading renewable energy state.

We have reached our goal to be self-sufficient in renewables, two years ahead of our 2022 target.

Tasmania is the first state in Australia, and one of the first jurisdictions in the world, with 100 per cent renewable energy generation. This confirms our status as a world leader in clean energy generation. The Tasmanian Government has set a world-leading target to double renewable energy with a target of 200 per cent of our current needs by 2040.

Tasmania has the lowest per capita greenhouse gas emissions in Australia. Our sustainable energy network complements our natural environment.

We also offer a secure energy supply with the Basslink connection to the Australian electricity market and a natural gas pipeline to the Australian gas market.

Hydro Tasmania is one of Australia's leading renewable energy businesses.

Your business can benefit from the international recognition of operating in an environmentally sustainable economy.

Tasmania has diverse and rich renewable energy assets that are still largely untapped. The potential is enormous and we are striving to become an exporter with a focus on innovation. These assets include wind power, bio-energy, geothermal energy and marine energy. The investment opportunities are significant.