Tasmania's key facts

Current population Capital Climate
Tasmania has just over 519 000 people. Hobart - Australia's second oldest city, founded in 1803. Mild and temperate maritime climate with four distinct seasons.


Tasmania is 68 000 square kilometres - 0.9 per cent of Australia's total land mass.

Distances from north to south are 296 kilometres (184 miles) and 315 kilometres (196 miles) from east to west.

It is similar in size to the Republic of Ireland, West Virginia and Sri Lanka, or around twice the size of Switzerland, Belgium or Taiwan.

Favourable business climate

Tasmania has a strong enterprise culture. We offer:

  • low labour costs
  • a stable workforce
  • excellent industrial relations record for minimal days lost to industrial disputes
  • low land and accommodation costs
  • low licensing costs.

Nationally competitive

Tasmania is the most affordable place to do business in Australia. We offer:

  • the lowest aggregate land and accommodation costs in Australia
  • the lowest business licensing costs in Australia
  • the lowest tax burden in Australia on most measures.


Mild and temperate maritime climate with four distinct seasons.

Summer: December to February – average temperature of 17 to 23°C (62-73°F)

Autumn: March to May – average temperature of 10 to 20°C (50-68°F)

Winter: June to August – average temperature of 3 to 11°C (37-51°F)

Spring: September to November – average temperature of 6 to 16°C (43-61°F)