Northern Cities Major Development Initiative

Education, Innovation and Economic Growth for Northern Tasmania

The Northern Cities Major Development Initiative is a $90 million State Government Initiative designed to align workforce upskilling with local industry needs, foster innovation and entrepreneurship as well as revitalise northern cities into vibrant places to live and work in.  This initiative is  going to incite a brighter economic future for regional Tasmanian communities will address regional underperformance in educational attainment.

The Tasmanian Government has been working together with the Federal and local governments through a coordinated approach designed to map out further current and future priority investment projects to maximise the value of this Government's investment.

The Office of the Coordinator-General, together with local governments and other stakeholders work in close collaboration to direct the $90 million across the northern cities, manage the timing and nature of the investments and drive economic growth in the north of Tasmania.

The initiative focusing on Launceston, Burnie and Devonport will help seed further investment by initiating significant infrastructural improvements, creating thousands of jobs and making sure the north and north-west of the State take part in the economic momentum that has been building in Tasmania.


  • A modern, new campus in Inveresk with world class facilities close the CBD and new Associate Degrees closely linked to northern industries will enhance interaction between the University, the community and local industry, and will help to create a culture of learning and research in a vibrant University City.
  • The City Heart Project is an urban infrastructure redevelopment focusing on revitalised and vibrant spaces for the community in Launceston's historic CBD as well as improving options active modes of travel (walking, cycling and public transport use). The project will enhance Launceston’s liveability and role as a smart and attractive University City.
  • Launceston is one of the first three cities in Australia having secured a City Deal – the Commonwealth will provide support for education, employment and investment to maximise outcomes of the University of Tasmania relocation and the Launceston City Heart Project.


  • The University of Tasmania will establish a modern, state-of-the-art campus close to Burnie's CBD and collocated with the Maker's Workshop and the Burnie Visitor's Centre. Educational offers will be visible and accessible for the community.
  • The new Associate Degree program will provide the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture with the opportunity to extend their programs into applied agriculture and agribusiness.
  • Planning for West Park includes potential for a collocated technology hub and a business incubator fostering entrepreneurship and industry supply chain spin-offs in Tasmania's north-west.


  • Living City is an urban renewal project of the Devonport City Council that aims to boost the economy in Devonport and the broader region, create jobs, and link the city centre to the waterfront.
  • The Devonport Living City Project aims for a reconfiguration of key CBD assets to revitalise the city and to provide a catalyst investment to support private investment in tourism, retail and food.
  • Stage 1 of the project will focus on a new multipurpose building including a convention centre, and a food pavilion showcasing Devonport as a key hub for food production in the north-west of Tasmania.