With ideal growing conditions, affordable land, relative freedom from disease and pests, abundant water resources and strong research and development capability, it is no wonder that Tasmania has a world-class agricultural reputation.

Tasmania’s agriculture sector is highly diversified and food production is renowned as fresh, premium products.  About 75 per cent of Tasmania’s food and beverages are sold overseas or to other Australian states. The state is well connected to markets via sea and air freight and it has the capacity to supply fresh product into the northern hemisphere in its off season.

Project Big Cow

  • The project composes a fully scalable milk powder production model in Tasmania including the creation of a farmer’s co-operative.

Wine – Viticulture opportunities

  • To meet an increasing market demand, opportunities exist for the establishment, expansion or purchase of high quality vineyards, potentially in conjunction with a winery / processing facility, particularly focusing on cool climate varieties such as Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Tasmanian Irrigation

  • Tasmanian Irrigation currently has water entitlements available for purchase in schemes completed and under development.

Tasmanian Corporate Dairy Investment Project

  • This is a multi-farm venture, planned primarily around the acquisition of existing dairy farms to ensure that the business has cash producing assets immediately, and then targets farm expansions and farm conversions to achieve additional growth.

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