Private investment > $5 million

Projects that meet the following criteria will be assessed as a Major Project by the Office:




Minimum $5 million private investment and / or

Jobs created

Minimum of 25 jobs

Key Sectors

Ideally in a sector where the state has a competitive advantage

Economically strategic

Investment that creates significant flow-on opportunities for economic growth

Socially strategic

Projects that will increase the diversity, sustainability and resilience of the community

Environmentally strategic

A project that is environmentally sustainable and builds on Tasmania's established environmental principles

A case manager from the Office of the Coordinator-General will be appointed to each project meeting the required criteria.

The case management service can assist business and industry project proponents by convening a whole of government team with relevant expertise from the various agencies.  Key intervention points would be identified to assist the proponent to bring the project to fruition. The Office of the Coordinator-General will facilitate and influence the project management by:

  • Streamlining access to Tasmanian Government contacts and mapping approvals required.
  • Negotiating and identifying resources and linkages within the Tasmanian Government to overcome obstacles.
  • Working with the Commonwealth's Tasmanian Major Projects Approval Agency (MPAA) on the speed and efficiency of Commonwealth government regulatory approvals for major projects. The MPAA is collocated with the Office of the Coordinator-General to help facilitate this process.
  • Identifying opportunities to progress projects including approval pathways, resource availability, site selection, workforce solutions and access to economic data and business tools.
  • Maintaining engagement with the State Growth Committee of Cabinet. The purpose of the Committee includes "Oversee the implementation of initiatives of strategic importance to the State".
  • Where appropriate, accessing Heads of Agency, Ministers and other key stakeholders to facilitate or promote projects.
  • Facilitating introductions with local companies and service providers.
  • Engaging with communities, local governments and landholders across Tasmania.

Projects which do not meet the criteria for Major Projects but are seeking assistance with their project will be referred to the relevant Client Services Team in the Department of State Growth.