Unsolicited proposals

In order to qualify as an unsolicited proposal, the project must have a minimum private investment contribution of $10 million or the creation of a minimum of 100 direct jobs in Tasmania. The project must also be a unique or innovative proposal initiated by the private sector and made to government to deliver outcomes that are desirable to government and which are not suitable to progress through standard competitive procurement processes. It involves private sector businesses approaching government for approval and support for the project, which could take the form of financial support, or other forms of support such as regulatory or social support, or the provision of government assets.

The Unsolicited Proposals: Policy and Guidelines applies to the General Government Sector. A copy of the policy and guidelines is downloadable here.

All proponents are strongly encouraged to discuss their proposal with the Office of the Coordinator-General, on a confidential basis, in order to gauge the suitability of the proposal and discuss key requirements under the Policy and Guideline prior to making their submission.

Proponents submitting an unsolicited proposal to Government, will be directed to the Office of the Coordinator-General, and their proposal must include key information to facilitate a preliminary review by the Office of the Coordinator-General before calling an assessment panel to review the proposal and provide a recommendation to Cabinet. The Office of the Coordinator-General will assist successful preliminary proponents through a case management approach.